Charity Giveaway

Claim and download your free collectable Elementon.


This is the charity event. Sign-up with your email address to download your free Elementon.


Thank you for your support. Claiming your Elementon will bring awareness and donations to our non-profit partner Civics Unplugged and in turn support more kids to become civic innovators. You don't pay anything. We take care of that through our partners when all 10k Elementons have been claimed. If one sells one in the future 100% of the service fee will be donated to Civics Unplugged, creating an “Annuity for Change”. Additionally, for each claimed Elementon, 1 Kilogram of carbon will be removed from the atmosphere, making them carbon negative. So, please share this page with your friends and loved ones.

What are Elementons? Elementons are Ownable Game Assets™ (OGAs™) exchangable characters in the online game. They stem from the primary elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. You play with them, collect them, trade then, level them up, and even sell them. The Elementons game is first, but one of many games coming soon to the Purposeverse, a universe of fun-first games that drive positive social impact.

Please read our Terms and Conditions:

  • every user can claim 1 Elementon
  • the maximum amount of free Elementons is 10,000
  • there is no monetary value that can be exchanged instead of an Elementon
  • all remaining Elementons that have not been claimed within 90 days of campaign start will return to the marketplace
  • you need a crypto wallet that works with Polygon to transfer the Elementon (you can sign up for a free Bitski wallet in the process)

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