Elementons Basics

What are Elementons?

Elementons are Ownable Game Assets (OGAs™) or digital creatures that you can adopt, train, battle, trade, and play games with. The magic behind Elementons is that all the in-game characters (aka Elementons) are blockchain-based non-fungible assets (NFTs), meaning each elementon is unique, provably rare, and owned by you. Each Elementon has a unique genetic code that is recorded on a blockchain and is interpreted by the application.

Wait, doesn't blockchain destroy the environment?

Not here, we use carbon neutral blockchains and then through a partnership with Meta-Carbon remove a kilogram of carbon from the environment for each NFT claimed.

Ok, then what is Elementons..but like the game/company?

Elementons are (OGAs™) in the form of an interactive elementon collecting and battling adventure game, and will be available to use in future Purposeverse game releases.

Does it cost money to play Elementons?

Not right now, you can claim 1 free Elementon at www.elementons.com/impact. There are more available for sale and if the one you want is sold out then check Opensea to see if anyone is selling theirs.

Elementons Marketplace and Exchange.

Elementons bought in the Marketplace are released by the Elementons team at level 1. Players can upgrade their Elementons through gameplay. Players can monetize their gameplay, level upgrades, and achievements by selling their elementon in the Exchange for a higher price than they purchased it for, but only if other players are willing to buy them. The Exchange is a player to player marketplace to sell experienced Elementons between users. However, there are transaction fees, so choose your transactions wisely. Note, on our charitable NFTs, like Phribbit, Pebbler, Breezling, and Heatyena, 100% of One Earth Rising share is donated to charity (Civics Unplugged for those).

Digital Creatures across "Infinite Virtual Worlds"? How?

Adopting a Elementon will give you access to the Elementon game, all future updates and expansions, as well as the ability to take your elementon into future Purposeverse games.

Is there a roadmap of expected features / timeline?

A roadmap of our expected features is in development and will be released in the Discord server.


Can I pay with a Credit or Debit Card?

Yes! The Bitski wallet accepts credit card payment.

About Elementons

How many elementons are there?

While it is necessary to have market scarcity in order to protect the value of the players' purchases, there will always be common Elementons in the Marketplace to ensure access to Elementons for everyone. However, specific Elementons and attributes will remain limited and rare.

What are the different Rarities?

Elementons are subdivided across six different rarity classes—Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

How does Rarity affect the gamer's experience?

Rarity impacts in-game statistics at an increasing rate as the elementon levels. Rare Elementons are significantly harder to maintain but can have a critical edge in certain scenarios when trained to high levels. Rare Elementons come with unique aesthetics as well.

What can I do with my Elementon once I have it?

Elementons can be immediately put to use in the battle minigame. Expect constant rollouts of new minigames from the development team. All of your successes can be put to use to make your elementon stronger and improve your skills as a player.

Backend Technology

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a fancy database that keeps a permanent and unchangeable record of all data transfer on it. This data is secured by a global network of computers that earn a fee for lending their computer's resources to confirm new transactions. On the Polygon blockchain, that "fee" is known as Ether (MATIC).

What blockchain are Elementons based on?

Elementons are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on Polygon and Immutable X.

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

The ERC-721 framework allows tokens built on Ethereum to be NFTs. NFTs are uniquely generated assets that have assigned and unique properties. Each one is generated with a unique ID hash that contains identifying data no other token has.

How are Elementons generated?

Smart contracts generate each elementon with a unique hash that dictates their characteristics.

How are Elementons emitted to the marketplace?

Elementons are emitted to the marketplace based on total player activity within the Elementons system.

What makes Elementons unique?

Each asset is generated with a unique genetic code. It's possible to interpret these genes differently across multiple games allowing unique game experiences.